WWBD Group supplies a total package of nail products and other nail related products internationally to the professional beauty and retail sector. Employees of the WWBD Group enrich this package with a very specific service which is given in an informal and personal way according to the wishes of the customer. WWBD Group is very conscious of its important leading role within the sector and the responsibility in terms of its social and corporate sustainability. The WWBD Group offers her employees a social environment where a lot of responsibility is given and where they get the opportunity to continuously learn and develop their skills.





WWBD Group strives to be an independent established party within the industry. Therefore, the WWBD Group plays a leading role in product development due to its knowledge of the market and a sharp eye for new technological developments and opportunities. The WWDB Group would like to share the results of this growth with its customers, enabling them to grow together with the organization. This is why the WWBD Group has a policy of short lines of communication with its customers. Above all, the WWBD Group finds it extremely important to give focus to the continuity of the group in the interest of its customers, suppliers and employees. The WWBD Group has the ambition to retain the status of the number one market leader nationally and internationally and to stay in the forefront of customers and potential customers minds.