The organization, started as Beauty Company, is established in 1993 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 
Beauty Company was one of the first professional wholesalers specialized in hand, nail, and foot care products in Europe.
Started as an importer and exporter of just one brand, we later expanded to various companies within the nail & beauty business
each with its own speciality.

Beauty Company

During the past years Beauty Company has built a portfolio of worldwide top brands with the exclusive distribution

rights for several countries around the globe. We focus on the import and export of the American International Industries brands
such as ibd, Seche, Ardell, EzFlow and more.


Beauty Factory

Operating under the name of Beauty Factory. Next to the distribution, we also act as manufacturer, We produce our own products in-house
and in external facilities. We are specialized in introducing innovative products to the professional market and are committed to bringing market
driven products and education programs to the beauty professionals as well as the aspiring professionals.
This all results in our own brands: BO.Nail, BO.Lash, I.Am Professional Nail System, Guildor, Hola Cosmetica and many more.
Exporting these brands all over the world makes Beauty Factory a player to take into account globally.


World Wide Beauty Distribution Group (WWBD)

WWBD is specialized in introducing innovative and targeted products to the professional market.
The assortment includes worldwide top brands. WWBD always operated as exclusive distribution/ warehouse partners
for various global brand manufacturers with an exclusive distribution to (various) European countries.


Provecho Beauty

Provecho Beauty offers a total concept for guaranteed success in terms of building your own private label! Provecho Beauty believes
that success is measured by working beyond the expectations of our customers by offering not only high quality products, but also by
offering outstanding customers service in terms of (educational) events and marketing tools.
Provecho Beauty helps you start making your ideas become reality.


A little over 20 years later in 2014 management decided to join forces and specialties of our different companies
and to combine these in 1 company: WWBD group which stands for World Wide Beauty Distribution as international
well-known organization in distribution and manufacturing of professional nail and beauty products.
We continued to offer our service and products all over the world.