WWBD Group is a group of companies specialized in manufacturing and
distribution of professional nail and beauty products


WWBD Group stands for Worldwide Beauty Distribution Group. Our  brands Astonishing, NailPerfect, JACKY M., IBP and Your Logo
are form part of this group. Each brand has its own specialism in their own market and have their own commitments
and partnerships. On top of that we provide a service to create private label brands with own logo's and unique designs with 'Your Logo'.  
Everything is possible!

Next to our own brands we have a cooperation with American International Industries (AII)
which started 2 decades ago, with brands being at the top of the market for over 20 years, such as

ibd, Ardell, Seche, EzFlow, etc.

WWBD Group is proud to work with such established players in the industry and is currently serving over

88 countries in Europe, Russia, Middle East, South America, Australia, Africa and India. With an international
network all over the globe, WWBD Group is the biggest European professional nail company, which
will keep expanding their own production facilities for the own brand and private label manufacturing,
constantly sourcing for the accessory and usage products assortment to be your one stop shop.