WWBD Group continues to work closely with the most knowledgeable and experienced laboratories in the area of gel polishes, gels,

acrylics, lash extensions and other professional lash and nail products. The latest techniques are incorporated in the development of the

existing and new products from our brands. With these brands, WWBD Group is able to offer you an entire range of products, including
packaging and labeling, or no label products delivered in bulk. WWBD Group incorporates and manages all matters related to

research & development, regulatory matters, purchase, manufacturing, import, warehousing, logistics, export, sales, finance, education,

graphic design and marketing. In addition to our own brands BO,SYSTEMS, BO.NAIL, BO.LASH, I.Am Professional Nail Systems, Hola Nail CosmeticaIBP and Your Logo.

We also offer American brands such as Ardell, Seche, ibd, EzFlow. All these brands come together on our Beauty Company webshop.


WWBD Group has a very strict quality control department to ensure the best quality products within the product.





BO.NAIL – Powerful women with beautiful nails conquer the world


BO.NAIL products allow you to reinforce your identity and emphasize your individuality – through your nails! With BO.NAIL you can provide your nails or those of salon visitors with the most diverse colors. Do you want to pamper natural nails with a nourishing treatment, or are you looking for ways to add extreme length? At BO.NAIL you will undoubtedly find a product system that matches your preference.

From natural nudes to dramatic blacks – with BO.NAIL create your nails for every mood.



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BO.LASH – Confidence thanks to a seductive eyelash look


With BO.LASH eyelash products can transform eyelashes in such a way that a completely different look is given to a face. Eyelash treatments using BO.LASH are the way to create a seductive lash look that encourages self-confidence. Use the innovative techniques of BO.LASH to make yourself or someone else shine.

A perfect lash is part of a look that brings out confidence – and makes you shine.



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Recreating the wheel and going back to basics. A professional nail product range with chemistry that matches a method of education. With this combination of products and education we create a total concept. This eliminates the nail professional from having to work with various brands to reach the best results. This concept focuses on a complete education program from basic to the most highly advanced salon and competition nail techniques. Business evolution for the nail professional resulting in profits. The most important philosophy on every level in business, passion and enjoyment leads to success.

We at I.Am Professional Nail Systems continuously strive to innovate in the professional nail market. This is achieved with new concepts, products and gel polish in high quality.


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Anyone who thought that having beautiful colored gel nails is an expensive and complicated affair is sorely mistaken!

Hola Nail Cosmetics developed a gel polish system that, as a lover of beautifully groomed colored nails, is easy to apply yourself and lasts up to 2 weeks trouble-free.

We developed well thought out "step by step" instructional videos and clear manuals so that putting a "new" gel polish color on your nails becomes a piece of cake.

Inspired by our Spanish roots and Spanish Mediterranean color play, we put together a palette of 200 popular gel polish colors. To make it even easier for you, we created inexpensive color collections kits so you always have a suitable gel polish color on hand. Follow our site and you will see that every month we launch and add new gel polish colors and color collections to our assortment, so you are always up to date with the latest trend colors.

Of course, all our Soak Off Gel Polishes are highly pigmented, so that by applying 1 or 2 coats you achieve the optimal result. All our Soak Off Gel Polishes, Base and Top Coats are 100% HEMA free and Vegan friendly.


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IBP has everything you need to complete your assortment of professional nail products. These IBP accessories and usage products add value to the existing brand(s) you carry, as products of IBP are always developed with the major aspect's quality and affordability in mind.


Next to your professional brand you can offer these more affordable products to those who has a smaller budget, but would still like to work with quality products. IBP works on a non-exclusive base, which means that everyone worldwide has the opportunity to profit from this brand.


Part of WWBD Group


WWBD Group offers full service Private Label. We do not only supply products, but work with a total concept. We work closely together to ensure that we understand your market thoroughly and that we are able to help you turn your wishes into business objectives. We can assist you in selecting your assortment, packaging, creating your style and marketing your brand.


The nail industry is exceptionally dynamic and has its own unique developments and styling trends, according to the latest fashion. WWBD Group is committed to satisfying these market demands, and to bringing new creative developments to the nail industry, with the latest techniques incorporated. WWBD Group offers support for your marketing activities. Thanks to our marketing support and graphic design department, WWBD Group can quickly and effectively respond to the needs of our customers, thereby providing optimum assistance.


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In the decades following the introduction of the very first ARDELL lashes, the brand earned its title as one of the most widely recognized names in faux lashes by catering not just to women looking to enhance their own beauty, but also to legions of beauty professionals and Hollywood makeup artists.

The comfort and affordability of ARDELL lashes makes them a small luxury that elevates beauty to another level. Makeup artists will agree that a Red Carpet look is not complete without a pair of lashes to accentuate the eyes and add glamour.

Today, ARDELL offers an extensive lash collection with more than 125 different styles to suit every woman, every event and every lifestyle.

ARDELL’s coveted natural looking, lush lashes are now available at our website.


Seche, Inc. was founded in 1991 to manufacture market and distribute the revolutionary technology that was to become Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

Since the creation of Seche Vite, the company has gone on to develop a complete range of nail, hand and feet care that has received acclaim the world over. 

The products Seche manufactures are technical in nature and it's always advised to see a professional nail technician to achieve the best results. 


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For 40 years, ibd has set the standard for salon innovation and excellence in professional gel systems. We develop and introduce top quality products and continuously research new technology.

Ibd offers a superior line of gel products from the clearest of clear gels to the Xtreme bright white for that fabulous French manicure. ibd’s self-leveling formulas ensure complete control; advanced and acid free, they will not overheat when curing.

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Created by nail techs for nail techs, for over twenty years EzFlow® has been an industry innovator.

The first to manufacture and distribute the French White Tip and the first to develop and market Glitter and Colored Acrylics, EzFlow® is known worldwide as a competition brand, pushing the envelope of technology and research. EzFlow® is committed to global education and professional development. Our products offer you the foundation for artistic expression and business success.

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